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• 2006 und 2007: Deutscher Filmpreis Berlin - Berater für Beschallung + Mikrofonie
• 2011 KOHAR Live Event in Armenien - Mix Ing. für TV + Internet
• 2012 Eurovision Song Contest Baku - Ton Konzeption + verantwortlicher Musik MixIng.

Nathan Davis:
"Some recording studios are like clinics or laboratories - no atmosphere - and you feel you are in for a surgical operation rather than to record your music. But at KLANGSTUDIO LEYH the atmosphere is relaxed, you have complete confidence that the people there know exactly what they are doing and you can just get on with producing your music."

Maynard Ferguson:
"I was really impressed at the quality of the live recording we made in Belgium for our "Footpath Cafe" album. Winnie Leyh really captured the band's personality so completely and the sound quality was excellent."

Chico Freeman:
"KLANGSTUDIO LEYH is a great studio - I really don't know why Frank Kleinschmidt doesn't record me there once a month."

Uwe Ochsenknecht:
"Schön hier!"